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Like a summer rain in December. Remember when music made you feel, remember, and reminisce? The best music is an expression, a feeling, and a memory all in one. Its that feeling you get when you hear a song and it takes you right back.


40 Miles Out is a contemporary pop group formed by writers Scott January and Steve Terry in 1998. The two met in early 1991 and began writing together later that year. Their unique style is derived from their diverse musical influences that range from the Eagles to Lionel Richie. Their music blends memorable vocal melodies, acoustic guitar, a touch of saxophone, and a positive message to produce a soothing and unique contemporary sound that is reminiscent of the 1970's and early 1980's


Scott and Steve have indeed received attention in releasing the 40 Miles Out CD. People are so drawn to it because of its nostalgic feel and message. Everyone has cherished memories that they enjoy reflecting upon. Scott and Steve hope to bring back those memories with the enchanting and timeless music of the new CD, and to also reclaim an audience that has been lost and forgotten.

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